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What causes calcium deficiency in dairy cows and how to avoid it

Calcium deficiency in dairy cows is something you as a farmer want to avoid at all costs. A low blood calcium level not only affects a cow’s milk production, but also has serious consequences for a cow’s health and can even lead to a premature death in extreme cases. So, what can you do to prevent calcium deficiency in your cows? The answers lies with the underlying cause of this condition.  During calving, when a cow has to produce colostrum, the animal has a sharply increase calcium demand. However, the cow will be unable to mobilize calcium to meet this demands because of the positive dietary cation anion difference caused by the typical dry feed given to dairy cows. That is why you should feed your cows specially developed supplements from Kimtec International. Their KatAn range contains anionic salts that promote a more acidic metabolic state which restores the dietary cation anion balance. This means your dairy cows will be able to mobilize calcium,, thus avoiding the calcium deficiency.

Thoroughly researched solution to prevent calcium deficiency in dairy cows

Kimtec International’s solution to prevent calcium deficiency is the result of a large investment of time and research to provide you with the best possible solution. Even now, research continues to keep improving these supplements. One of the angles they keep pursuing is several taste masking techniques to make their products palatable and easier to administer to dairy cows. Other techniques were developed to prevent the breakdown of the products’ active ingredient in the rumen. If you have a special request regarding supplements to prevent calcium deficiency in dairy cows or any of their other products, Kimtec International offers a customization service to adapt these products to meet your unique needs. Discover all this and more on the company’s website.