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The best attractions to visit by car in Las Palmas

Separated by the Atlantic Ocean from the Spanish continent, Las Palmas is a mixture of traditional Spanish culture and modern features. This small port town is lively, but it is excellent for a relaxing holiday. During the day, explore the beaches and old quarter, while at night, you have to go to a bar or disco to get an idea of the amazing nightlife.


The five most visited attractions in Las Palmas

The main reason you settle on the Canary Island is certainly the city’s amazing beach. If you rent a car in Las Palmas, you can enjoy the sun from a collection of five lively beaches that give you the opportunity to sunbathe, swim or surf. Here are five of the best Las Palmas attractions to visit on this beautiful little island.

1. Scuba in Gran Canaria

Gran Canaria has an incredible biodiversity, above and below sea level, so dive with a dive to see an impressive variety of marine life. Get close with a sea turtle or lose yourself looking at the remarkable colors of the fish.      

2. Ride the sand dunes on camels

A beautiful 8 km long white sandy beach with colossal dunes that cover half of its length and extend 3.5 km further inland. Of course, you can walk, ride a horse or even ride a bike on these 404 hectares of sandy hills, but for an out of the ordinary outing, take a camel ride.

3. Botanical Gardens

The Gran Canaria Botanical Garden is living proof that everything grows on the island. This garden displays native and imported plants. Stroll through the impressive collection of flora including giant cacti and small lakes and streams.

4. San Telmo Park

Another activity in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, visit one of the parks. With parks for family outings, picnics and romantic walks, choose one of the top ten parks in Las Palmas. San Telmo Park is located between the districts of Arenales and Triana, in the heart of Las Palmas. Admire the art deco buildings and visit the modernist outdoor coffee shop.

5. Observe the stars

Due to the island’s position on the equator, low cloud phenomena filtering light pollution and a law governing air traffic, Gran Canaria is one of the best places in Europe to observe the stars. The exceptionally clear and bright sky provides a breathtaking view of the constellations found in the northern and southern hemispheres. Viewpoints such as the Temisas Astronomical Observatory and the Roque Saucillo Astronomy Centre offer informative night walks and a high-flying view of the stars. If you go on holiday with your partner, a night spent looking up at the skies will give you a perfect romantic evening.

Why rent a car in Las Palmas

Although there is much to see and do in Las Palmas Gran Canaria, there are attractions to discover throughout the island, owned and governed by Spain. For many visitors, it is always important to spend time on the beach. Escape from the busy Las Canteras beach and discover some isolated sandy shores are always pleasant. Just a few minutes by car, the superb grey sands of La Laja beach offer a breathtaking view and a little calm, far from the crowd. With Las Palmas car rental, he can make a short drive to the volcanic mountain of Bandama Caldera and explore the beautiful plants and volcanic ash covered with slopes. On the website, you can take advantage of cheap car rental Las Palmas to find interesting places, excellent restaurants, shops and a beautiful beach.

Driving in Las Palmas

Drivers remain on the right side of the road in Las Palmas, with steering wheels mounted on the left side of the vehicle. Familiarize yourself with your car before you leave on a long trip.

Cycling is very common in Las Palmas, so be careful of motorcyclists you might see on the road. Often, the roads are narrow enough and not wide enough for two cars and a cyclist at the same time, so be patient and wait for your chance to pass the cyclist safely. Drivers should also note that there is no designated bike path, so cyclists have no choice but to cycle on the road.

Be sure to take more time and attention if you plan to go to more mountainous places, such as the village of Artenara in the central mountains. Roads can be extremely steep, winding and have narrow curves.