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Create a cable safe environment with these safety products

Some working environments are more dangerous than others. For instance, industries such as refineries, chemical plants, offshore, marine, paper mills and automotive ask for a more cautious approach. That’s why ISP offers various safety products that can contribute to a safe environment to work in. Their safety hooks and cable guards for instance, make sure that there are no loose cables and wires, which is a safe choice in various industries. The S-shape of the safety hooks forms a space where all the cables and wires gather and makes it easier to suspend them. Do you want to know more about these safety products? Continue reading to learn more about ISP.

Various advantages when you use safety hooks and cable guards

When you use the safety hooks and cable guards that ISP distributes, you’ll enjoy several advantages. For example, the safety hooks are all made from glass-fibre reinforced polyester, which results in high durability and low maintenance costs. The safety hooks and cable guards create a safe work environment because it minimalizes tripping hazards and the damaging of important cables, hoses and wires. This way, you make sure that everybody on the work floor is safe. The safety products are also corrosion-free, ATEX-proof and TÜV-tested. Do you want to know more about the advantages of the safety products that ISP offers for various industries? Contact them for more information or visit their web site.

Discover all the safety products they offer

ISP provides not only safety hooks and cable guards for a safe work environment, they are also the official European distributor of Intrepid Industries’ self-closing safety gates. Do you want to know which safety products are best used in your industry or company? Please contact the experts of ISP and ask them for personal advice. They are happy to help you reach a maximum safety level for your employees as well as for yourself.