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Buy unlimited audio cables

Devices don’t always match up with the cables that you have laying around. This is why it can come in handy to let specialists make custom cables to complete your music setup. At LivePower in the surroundings of Brussels, they will gladly make these products according to your needs. This is one of their many specialties. They make them from scratch. This way you can be sure to buy audio cables of the highest quality. When ordering you might want to take a look at their pre-made cables. They have a vast range from all different quality brands such as the SpeakON cables that you can always buy at their online store.

A difficult choice between pre-made and custom cables

When organizing an event, such as a concert in a big venue, you will be looking to buy a whole collection of audio cables. It can be a good choice to pick out SpeakON cables and buy these in bulk. Sometimes however these might be just a bit too long. This will make it more difficult to organize them and make your cable management of the audio cables an absolute nightmare. In that case the custom-made cables might be easier. You can avoid any possible clutter way easier. The custom cables will often also save you a lot of money. All you have to do, is send them what cables and design you need. Are you looking for female cables, male cables or even a combination of both? The choice is all yours. You can even choose between different sizes of the ports and the lengths of the cables. Not only will you be able to use them for a very long time, your artists will be very thankful for the easy to use cables with the right length.

Choose for a reliable system

There is no need to buy cheap cables that will break after a couple of uses. Go for real quality with the products of LivePower and buy all kinds of audio cables, such as the SpeakON cables or their custom products. For more information about their materials and shipping, you can always contact them.