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Your database of QA vacancies and offshore engineer jobs

If you are looking to start the next chapter of your career, you should choose a job that is an excellent fit for you and your profile. Finding such excellent offshore engineer jobs can be quite tricky, however. QA vacancies tend to be distributed haphazardly across the web, making the search for just the one you want an exercise in frustration. To help with this, STAR created their database of online QA vacancies. In it you can find pretty much all QA vacancies and offshore engineer jobs worth mentioning, all in one easy-to-use interface. Go ahead and browse through the many available openings and see what new job or project catches your eye!

Easily applying to QA vacancies

Want to start applying to some of the offshore engineer jobs or QA vacancies that have caught your eye? No problem! Applying through the STAR website could not be easier. With just a couple clicks, your CV is uploaded, enabling you to begin one-click applications to those jobs that strike your fancy. Putting powerful people in powerful projects – that is the STAR way. Their jobs are sourced from prominent companies operating in a variety of industries:

  • Oil and (petro)chemical
  • Gas
  • Energy
  • Storage
  • Offshore and marine
  • Life science
  • Civil and infrastructure
  • Building services

Using their overview of offshore engineer jobs and QA vacancies will empower you to find just the job or project which will take your career to the next level. Relying on their valuable contacts with technical companies will net youjob offerings you won’t see on the regular market!

Traineeships to brush up on much-needed skills and knowledge

Want to enter your new career field with the best preparation you can get? Or is it time for full-on re-schooling to excel in your industry? STAR offers a variety of traineeships through which new specialists are trained, ensuring an excellent class of highly experienced workers and enthusiastic newcomers in their talent pool. Get in touch with them and obtain your work preparation, document control or planning traineeship position today! A single traineeship is typically sufficient to seriously increase companies’ interest in hiring you. Ready to shine? Then get your future started with STAR.