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What exactly is a dump pouch, where can you buy it and what is it used for?

It is utterly important to be prepared for almost every situation, especially when you are in the field. There can be quite dangerous situations where it is necessary to move as quickly as possible without losing any unnecessary time. To be as efficient as possible you will niet a good combat belt with different handy necessities within handreach. A dump pouch is one of these necessities. A dump pouch is a foldable little bag with an integrated spring that is wired to ensure easy Integrated spring-wire for the easiest access during fieldwork. The bag can hold many things but is especially used to hold ammo for shotguns and other ammo.

Where can you buy these bags and how do you fit them on the belt

These bags are not for sale in just any outdoor shop, it is probably best to order these bags online since its niche. The prices of these bags are different per webshop or store so it is a good idea to do some research before making the purchase. Lots of these bags are purchased in bulk by military schools and the army. There are many different colours and sizes available which makes it possible to easily find the right one. The bags are to be used with a combat belt and can be easily attached to the belt with loops at each size of the bag. The loops can be attached to the hooks of the belt. This makes it easier to re-attach and attach the belt within seconds of time.

What are the specifications of these handy bags

The bags come in different colours and sizes and are used to hold different kinds of ammo for guns et cetera. The bags are often made of a sturdy but flexible material that can easily be folded. The fabric is mostly durable and made with an integrated spring wire.