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More than simple window mannequins

Window mannequins can be used for so much more than only displaying your collection in your store and shopping window. When you admire the tailor made mannequins that are created and manufactured by the company BONAMI, that is situated at Aalter, Belgium, your creative soul will get triggered. Their uniqueness and outstanding design is an eye candy that desires to be used for extraordinary purposes. These creations are a statement and in some way a piece of art. When you get in touch with this company, you simply have to explain your desires and they will turn it into reality. Female mannequins, male mannequins, kid mannequins, full body models, busts, you name it, they make it.

unorthodox uses for window mannequins

Have you ever thought about unorthodox uses for window mannequins? Every one is known with the standard use of full body female mannequins or other mannequins that display the collection inside a store or in their shopping window. Though the mannequins you can order with BONAMI deserve to be utilised for less common purposes. Think about museums or expositions where exceptional clothes of adored designers are being shown. Or perhaps you are working as a photographer in the clothing industry, where newly designed clothes are showed to the world through fashion shows, pictures in magazines, and so on. Maybe you have thought about a concept story for your restaurant? The window mannequins, female, full body, male, busts or any other kind, or this exceptional business lend themselves for these creative ideas.

Get inspired by the best creations

Get in touch with BONAMI, an unseen company at Aalter that creates and manufactures the most unique window mannequins. Speak out your wishes. Go for  full body female mannequins or a mannequin of any other size, shape and style. Take a look at previous works at and get inspired by their best creations.