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Grab cranes for every single project

When you are working on a big project, you need robust equipment. Whatever the project entails, at PLM Cranes you find the right cranes that will get the job done. Their cranes are heavy duty and reliable for every project in every industry. All products are designed from scratch to offer made-to-fit solutions. This way this company can offer the best possible design, materials and components for the job. Grab cranes are just a small part of their possible products. They also offer hoist cranes, marine cranes and drop ball cranes. Grab cranes are however the most efficient and most-requested machines they create for their clients.

Grab cranes made to fit your specifications and wishes

After more than 50 years of building cranes, PLM Cranes knows exactly what you need for your next project. Customizable where required, you will be able to deliver the best work possible in any industry. The grab cranes from PLM Cranes are made to fit your wishes. For instance, you can choose from a variety of different drives:

  • Diesel-hydraulic (D-H)
  • Electric-hydraulic (E-H)
  • Diesel-electric (D-E)
  • Fully electric (E)

Next to that, you can choose for either a 2-rope or 4-rope grab crane. The lifting capacity can also be adjusted to your specific intended use. For undercarriages you can choose from a pedestal, a gantry, rail, rubber tires and a crawler. What do you need in your next project?

Get in touch about your options

Do you want to discuss the possibilities with PLM Cranes for your upcoming project? Make sure to get in touch with them today. They are more than happy to help you figure out the best possible set up for your intended use. PLM Cranes also offers great services after buying grab cranes or other products. Maintenance, repairs and revisions are part of the possibilities at this company. Get in touch today and find out more!