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Clean beauty: why these products raise in popularity

The number of products available in the mainstream beauty sector today, containing toxic and carcinogenic ingredients, is staggering. While customers are slowly waking up, the demand for natural and clean beauty (with buzz-worthy ingredients such as CBD) are rising. Nowadays, it is all about being mindful about what to put on your skin. Therefore, clean beauty has entered the world of beauty. Clean beauty refers to both natural and synthetic ingredients, either plant-based or lab-made beauty formulas. The key to clean beauty is that all ingredients, including non-toxic synthetics, are shown to be safe to use. It makes it able for our skin to process, accept, recognize and yield the benefits without getting irritated, overtly sensitive or disrupted.

Choose your brands wisely

To all the fans of clean beauty: get your products at LALO® Skincare. This brand is opting for clean beauty, marrying the riches of natural resources and the latest in scientific breakthroughs. This brand is a huge proponents of green and clean beauty: a resounding NO to ingredients linked to harmful health and environmental effects. You deserve to know what you put on your skin and therefor they are very transparent about what is in the products. You can find a face oil, face cream and lip balm in their assortment. They are all 100% cruelty-free, reflecting their mission to redefine beauty in light of the needs of all earth’s inhabitants. Besides that, you will find CBD in their skincare. They have poured over the latest studies from the medical field and decide. Based on that, they have decided about what ingredient from the lab or our green earth will end up in their skincare products – one of them was CBD. They offer skincare products with CBD that your skin – and the environment – will absolutely love and adore!

Discover their assortment

Are you curious about clean beauty, CBD in your skincare or the products that this brand offers? Take a look at their web shop and discover what they have to offer. Do you have further questions about their clean skincare products? Simply get in touch with them!