Would you like to cut down on loading time? Use these forklift weighing scales

Working in transportation and logistics requires an organised work space. Incoming and outgoing loads, their documentation, takes time and effort. Every load that comes in and goes out needs to be checked on weight to prevent picking errors which takes the most time. Did you know that you can save a lot of time during this process? Choose forklift weighing scales made by RAVAS. Scale is integrated into the forklift, this means that there is no need for a fixed floor scale where you take the load to. With forklift weighing scales you weigh where you want, and when you want at all times. By your forklift weighing scales at RAVAS.

Connect forklift weighing scales with your network and Bluetooth devices

Forklift weighing scales are a perfect tool for getting to know how much you incoming and outgoing loads weigh. But where do you store the data you need? RAVAS makes it possible to collect all the data from the trucks in real-time to your Bluetooth device, so you can see immediately what the load weighs. Want to collect all the data in spreadsheets on your computer to send reports to your clients and your own administration? No problem! The forklift weighing scales can be connected to a WIFI connection to send and receive data wherever you want. Every truck includes our UniMobile software suite designed to connect with the scales and transfer the data in an easy and user-friendly way.

Full return on initial investment with forklift weighing scales within months

Paying large amounts of corporate money is always a gamble and quite exciting. It may even feel overwhelming of some kind. Is it worth it? And when do I get the return on investment? These questions are raised when investing a large amount of money. Investing in forklift weighing scales made by RAVAS answers those questions. While saving time and manpower in the weighing process, the forklift weighing scales have a full return on initial investment, in just a couple of months. They calculated that a mobile scale saves up to 200 manhours a year, which is around 48 minutes of work per day. The truck will earn itself back in around three months!