What is toxicologic pathology?

Toxicologic pathology is a field of medical science. It combines two areas of study: pathology and toxicology. Pathology is the study of diseases. Toxicology is the study of chemicals, which provides insights in what effects specific chemicals have on humans, animals and the natural environment. This means that toxicologic pathology aims to identify threats and evaluates potential risks when humans and nature are exposed to certain substances which may prove to be harmful or toxic. As such, toxicologic pathologists are often employed in the pharmaceutical and medical industry or in governmental or academic institutions.

The importance of toxicologic pathology

Toxicologic pathology is vital to generate safe vaccines and chemicals. In previous centuries, neglecting proper safety assessment of chemicals has led to various disasters. For example, the teratogenic effects of thalidomide were not noticed before it was in general use. Besides that, compounds that have been shown to be carcinogenic in lab animals (usually at relatively high doses) were found in foods intended for human consumption. Although these pesticides and industrial contaminants are only found in low levels in the human diet, caution and proper research is necessary to prevent major health concerns in the future.

A consultancy company specialized in toxicologic pathology

The combination of conventional toxicology studies with pathology is usually sufficient to predict important adverse effects of medicinal products and to support their safe use in clinical trials. So, if you want to introduce a new medicine or chemical product and want to be sure it will not cause any health problems, it should be tested by a certified toxicologic pathologist. Global Pathology Support B.V. is a consultancy company specialized in toxicologic pathology and can do all kinds of testing for you. This company specializes in safety assessments of products developed by the pharmaceutical and chemical industries who seek to register their products. Besides toxicologic pathology, they also offer services according to the REACH agreement. This entails a safety evaluation of chemicals to ensure they comply with OECD-guidelines. So do you want to be absolutely sure that your product is safe? Contact Global Pathology Support B.V. and employ the experienced and well-educated professionals who are working there.