This is how to clean lead from your tanks safely

A solvent cleaner which is safe to use and effective is hard to find. CP Lead Clean can be used to remove hydrocarbons and inhibitor residues like TBC and MeHQ in an effective way. CP Lead Clean is a clear, odorless and organic liquid designed to clean cargo tanks which may have carried leaded gasoline, carbon tetrachloride and virgin naphtha. It is highly concentrated for efficient cleaning and is safe to use on tanks with an epoxy coating, marine line, stainless steel and zinc-silicate. It is the best solution in cleaning your surfaces.

An organic compound to effectively clean your tanks

The CP Lead Clean product contains no acids, alkali and phosphates. It is the best choice in cleaning your tanks for reuse, for instance cleaning petroleum products from their tank. It causes no danger to the environment and it classifies as a non-dangerous product in regulation of transport and storage. However, it should be handled with care when using the product. Using protective goggles, gloves and clothes. CP Lead Clean should be used with fresh water and can be injected or recirculated.

Remove lead and chlorides easily and effectively

The basic components of CP Lead Clean consist of glycol’s, surface active agents and detergents. It is used by spraying it undiluted on the surfaces needed after allowing 15-45 minutes penetration time and rinsed down with fresh water afterwards. All CP Metal Chemicals products are registered by MARPOL/IMO, in accordance with MEPC.1/Circ. 590, and are included on the IMO List Annex10 MEPC.2. CP Metal Chemicals provides 24/7 service assisting you in finding the right solvent cleaners for the task ahead. You can fill in an online product request to get a quotation on the products wanted. With roots in the shipping sector they offer worldwide availability and you will be able to acquire your products from every major port around the world.