The advantages of underfloor heating combined with a heat pump



Sustainable heating is ‘hot’. As more and more people opt for the convenience of a heat pump to heat their home. And that’s actually quite smart, especially in combination with underfloor heating. 



1. Renewable energy


A heat pump draws energy from the environment of your home. Depending on the selected installation type, the heat from the outside air, from the soil or from ground water. This heat is a form of free, renewable energy. You don’t need fossil fuels is any longer, making your ecological footprint significantly smaller. Of course such a heat pump wil increase the electricity consumption, so therefore you have to take that into account.


2. Ideal combination for energy efficient low temperature underfloor heating


Both heat pumps as underfloor heating systems work best at lower temperatures. Low temperature heating (LTH) uses water with temperatures between 30 and 45 degrees. Thereby the heat pump consumes less electrical energy. And the comfort in house is exactly at least bat the same level. Especially in combination with underfloor heating Cumbria, which uses in any case water with a temperature of 25 to 40 degrees. Please note: you cannot combine all types of heat pumps with underfloor heating. An air/air heat pump, for example, is not compatible.


3. Ultimate comfort in home


Place a heat pump and underfloor heating and you experience even more comfort in house: You will spoil your feet with a slightly warmed up floor instead of one in the winter is often cold floor. Underfloor heating distributes the heat evenly around the room.


4. Financial savings through underfloor heating + heat pump


Investing in a heat pump is not cheap. However, the combination of a heat pump, an underfloor heating system and – ideally – solar panels on your roof is financially beneficial. This dream combination reduces your heating costs to the bare minimum. You generate electricity on and use that to yourself to pick up ambient heat and then distribute this evenly throughout your home. And you will win the investment costs back over time.