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Should your project use a barred tee?

A barred tee is an important type of tee fitting. It is used in many different types of pipelines around the world. However, why is a barred tee so popular? It is a type of tee, that is focused on the maintenance of a pipeline. The maintenance is carried out with the use of a pig, that flows through the pipeline. A barred tee, prevents this pig from flowing into areas, or branches of the pipeline, where it is not supposed to go. Therefore, the cagelike structure of a barred tee, make for safer maintenance.

Cunifer is a great and durable choice for many projects

Besides tees, there is another important aspect of the pipeline. Which is the material of the pipes. Cunifer is a very popular choice, as a material for pipes. It is an alloy that consists of Copper (Cu), Nickel (Ni) and Iron (Fe), hence the name Cunifer. This alloy has is very durable and resists corrosive substances, such as sewage or seawater. Another important aspect of Cunifer is its anti-fouling properties. Which makes it it difficult for micro-organisms, such a barnacles or funghi, to attach onto its surface. This further contributes to easier and safer mainteance operations. Because of this it is a popular choice in offshore projects.

Choose a specialist as the supplier for your projects

When you are building or renewing a pipeline, you want to make sure that the materials and prodcuts that you use are of a high quality., the leading online expert on pipelines, ensures this quality. Furthermore, they offer vast product data on their entire inventory. Are you looking for more information on a barred tee or do you want to know more about a certain cunifer product? You can always consult their helpdesk. They are always willing to advise on any questions that you might have.

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