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Reach stable temperature control with the use of a heated circulating water bath

Does your laboratory works with liquids and are you in need of a precise heating mechanism that works with water? PolyScience has an easy to install and simple to operate heated circulating water bath that can be implemented in varying laboratories. Based on your needs, you will look for different features in the heating system. Luckily, PolyScience has developed over 50 different solutions for all your liquid heating needs.

Different control options make the water bath easy to use

Every heated circulating water bath has different features. In other words, there is a water bath available for every laboratory’s needs. One of the main features to look for, is the control system. If you are looking for a heated circulating water PolyScience has six different controllers available. The different controllers are:

  • Performance programmable controller
  • Advanced programmable controller
  • Performance digital controller
  • Advanced digital controller
  • Standard digital controller
  • MX controller

Every controller is advanced in its one way and the heated circulating water bath will provide the most sophisticated performance program that is easy to use. The exact temperature control is truly exceptional – it allows you to maintain bath temperatures at or near ambient with stabilities that are as precise as ±0.005C. In addition, its menu architecture, screen icons, and plain text prompts make the technology easy to navigate. Exploring different operational settings and options will no longer take hours in doing so.

Discover all the possibilities with this advanced heating technology

Would you like to know more about the available options when looking for a heated circulating water bath? The experts over at PolyScience are more than happy to provide you with more information about this exceptional piece of technology. You are welcome to contact their experts. All contact information can be found on their website. Make the most out of your heating systems and use one of the advanced systems from PolyScience!