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Order a double A battery that is suitable for all applications

Double A batteries are indispensable in many households. They are needed for household appliances like kitchen scales and remotes, and they are also a requirement for a variety of children’s toys to function. You can never have enough double A batteries. Therefore you would like a double A battery that is reliable and has a long durability. The batteries from 100%PeakPower meet these standards and much more. They can store the energy within them for five years, so you can buy in bulk without having to worry about lost charge. They are perfect for all applications and have a leakage proof design, so you will no longer have to worry about your batteries leaking and ruining your devices after not using them for a while.

Buy in bulk for a discount on your batteries

If you order your double A battery pack before 3pm, you will receive your order the next day. That is very convenient, especially when you have just discovered you ran out of double A batteries. Next to that, you have the choice between a variety of pack sizes. You can order 4, 20, 40 or even 100 double A batteries in a pack, depending on how many you want to have in stock. It is cheapest to buy in bulk, as prices per battery go down with increases in pack size. Since the batteries are such high-quality and able to store their energy for five years, you can stock up on them without a worry.

Easily order online

Of course, a double A battery is not the only type of battery you can order from 100%PeakPower. They also sell other alkaline batteries, button batteries and rechargeable batteries. Simply add all the batteries you need to your shopping cart and easily place your order online. When you order for more than £15, you benefit from free delivery. Therefore it really pays to buy your batteries in bulk.