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MapleStory beginner guide

Welcome to MapleStory, the chief side-looking over MMORPG! Most MMOs transport you to fantastical universes, however just MapleStory sends you to a retro, 2D universe that reviews the brilliant period of gaming. Play MapleStory today and investigate the grounds of Maple World, Grandis and past, and reveal the overlooked history of an old fiendishness and the six saints who fixed it away.

Look over more than forty one of a kind classes, from warriors and conjurers to privateers and ninjas. Join a huge number of different players on an experience of amazing magnitude as you chase down the detestable Black Mage. Cooperate with many bright NPCs or frame a society with your companions. The potential outcomes are about inestimable, and new substance is routinely included exciting updates. MapleStory may look adorable, yet don’t pass judgment flippantly. Its testing ongoing interaction will put even prepared veterans under a magnifying glass.

Choosing A REGION

When you first sign in to play MapleStory, you’ll be welcomed by the Region Select screen. You should choose the area that is nearest to where you live. This will decrease potential idleness and association issues.

Choosing A WORLD

Next you’ll be welcomed by the World Select screen. On the off chance that you as of now have companions playing the diversion, make certain to choose the world they play on as you will be not able associate with them (as a rule) while on various universes.

There is a special case to the standard, nonetheless: Alliance Worlds. Collusion Worlds are consolidated universes that enable players to communicate with each other as though they were on a similar world. The accompanying scenes are a piece of an Alliance:

  • Broa and Khaini
  • Bellocan, Mardia, Kradia, Yellonde, Chaos, and Nova
  • Demethos, Galicia, El Nido, Arcania, Zenith, and Renegades

You can make numerous characters on every world, so run insane with your character creation! 

In the wake of picking your ideal world, you’ll have to choose a channel inside that world to play on. All channels inside a world offer a similar character information, so you can openly change between various channels inside the world. You can decide how populated a channel is by checking the bar shown inside each channel’s crate.


After you select a world and channel, it’s a great opportunity to make your character! Tap the “Make Character” catch on the base of the Character Select screen to begin.

There are more than 40 characters to look over—all have their own extraordinary capacities and most have one of a kind stories and journey lines too. Most characters have straight aptitude movement, however characters that fall under the Explorer, Cygnus Knights, and Resistance occupations can fan out and practice at early dimensions. Distinctive characters coordinate diverse play styles, so attempt them hard and fast to see which fits you best.

A few characters, (for example, Zero and Beast Tamer) must be made amid explicit occasion periods. Infrequently an exceptional character occasion will happen, enabling you to experiment with a class for a short measure of time, for example, Pink Bean. At the point when the exceptional character occasion closes, you can never again play as the Pink Bean character.

Just 8 characters can be made on every world per account at first, yet you can purchase extra character spaces (up to a maximum of 42) in the Cash Shop. Incidentally, unique in-diversion occasions will remunerate you with additional character spaces too.


To protect your record, you are required to set an “Individual Identification Code” before you begin playing. The PIC is an optional secret word that must be entered while choosing a character—you can’t play the diversion without contributing it first.

On the off chance that you overlook your PIC, you will have the capacity to reset it by choosing Reset Your PIC from the Support segment of the MapleStory site. Pursue the connection to finish the reset procedure.

Infrequently, you will be provoked to change your PIC. It is suggested that you reset it on a semi-normal premise, to keep your record secure.

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