Mandatory lifesaving equipment from a professional

As an operator in the offshore market, you of all people know about the potential dangers that your people are exposed to on a daily basis. Lifesaving equipment is therefore a necessity. Nautical rules and regulations state that every large vessel is required to carry lifesaving equipment such as rescue boats and suspension systems such as davits and hook release systems, which are capable of lowering rescue vessels or custom works boats in an instant. By choosing the right company, you can opt for the possibility of having your lifesaving equipment custom made, or tweaked in such a way that it fits your needs perfectly. Euro Offshore is such a company and they can help you get any and all required lifesaving equipment.

Mandatory lifesaving equipment for your day to day operations

Your day to day operations in the offshore business means dealing with intense situations such as weather conditions and the general environment. The right equipment will help you and your staff. In order to reduce accidents, or at least give a crewmember a fighting chance, SOLAS was founded, back in 1914. SOLAS stands for Safety of Life at Sea, and it consists out of a set of rules and regulation that is applicable to all ships, oil platforms and even custom works boats. SOLAS obligates ships, for instance, to carry rescue boats. Euro Offshore BV is a company that is specialized in all of the lifesaving equipment that your ship is required to carry.

Custom build rescue- and work boats, created with Dutch ingenuity

If the Dutch are known for anything, it is for the ingenuity with which they have successfully been combatting the water. Euro Offshore B.V. work boats are the perfect example of their technological prowess. It is therefore no surprise that you will find some of the best custom works boats that the business has to offer in the Netherlands. Euro Offshore is a company that specializes in custom build work boats and lifesaving equipment that help make working in a dangerous environment a little less risky. As experienced professionals, they know the hardships that shipping companies face and this insight means that they can anticipate on possible dangers by developing adequate solutions.