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Do you dream of purchasing custom paintings?

Is one of your favourite pastimes staring at abstract art and trying to find the story behind the painting? Or maybe you loving looking for accidental shapes that were created throughout the process. What if we told you, you could have a unique piece that is completely your own? We are, indeed, talking about custom paintings. Ellen De Vylder is a freelance artist from Belgium who lives near Antwerp and she is a woman dedicated to her artwork. What started as a fascination with art has now become her fulltime job. Besides making abstract contemporary pieces based on her daily experiences and accompanying emotions, she also lives to create custom art pieces. The pieces she creates are unique and carry a dreamy sense to them. So if your wish is to drift off while examining your own painting, she will make that happen!

Challenge this artist by sharing your own artful ideas

Based on the colours and expectations she receives from her customers, she will get to work. Ellen will stay in touch with you throughout the entire process. She does this in order to adapt the painting in small manners if necessary. It is of the utmost importance that her custom paintings turn out how her client desired it to be. Her goal is and will always be to better her craft. She does this through artistic learning with paint play and media experimentation. Are you ready to get lost in your very own custom artwork?

Make an inquiry about your original art piece

Are you interested in custom paintings? Look for inspiration in your own emotions or have something made that fits your home’s aesthetic perfectly. To make sure her style is totally up your alley, we suggest you take a closer look at her portfolio. You can find her previous work on her website. Besides her website, she also shares her art on social media channels, such as Pinterest and Instagram. If you have any questions for her, feel free to send her an email to inquire about your custom artwork.