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Buy a heated circulating water bath for an affordable price

Are you in need of new laboratory equipment? Among the many items that would be considered general lab equipment are freezers, coolers, stirrers, water baths, pipettes, scales, centrifuges, and bunsen burners. Besides that, the most important equipment must be for safety. Think about safety goggles, laboratory Cloaks and gloves. All these product you best by at Prolyse BV. They are a trustworthy laboratory supplier for al your lab needs. And the best of all, they offer them with affordable prices! For example when you buy a heated circulating water bath.

Different types of heated circulating water baths

If you asked the long-term customers of this company, they would agree that the right technology at an affordable price is in part what makes Prolyse BV a international leader in selling solutions in their industries. Prolyse BV strives for an excellent cooperation and sustainable customer satisfaction. Besides that also loyalty to obtain the best possible result. Do you need heat in your laboratory? Then it needs a PolyScience heated circulating water bath! This company offers almost 50 different solutions to your laboratory’s liquid heating needs, so you always find a bath that will fit your needs. The options variate from a simple Immersion Circulator to a full-featured circulating baths with ramp. They come with features like a working temperatures from ambient to +200⁰C to temperature stabilities up to +/- 0.005⁰C. Choose a capacity form 6 to 28 liters and receive a model with large bath openings and easy-to-clean surfaces. PolyScience Integrated Heated Circulating Water Baths from Prolyse BV also come with accessories like a reservoir cover, bypass tubing and inlet and outlet adapters.

Discover the possibilities

One of the reasons why many people choose for this company, is because of the quick service and excellent support they offer. They take all the support issues seriously and provide timely responses. They respond within one to two days. Do you have any questions about a certain heated circulating water bath? Give them a call and they are happy to inform you about it.